My homeland

Landessa´s roots are in the Enns Valley in the heart of the Austrian Alps, a region noted for its natural beauty and home to traditional small-scale agricultural enterprises. This is where we - Ennstal Milch KG - produce the Landessa range. We set a high value on eco-friendly production and sustainability.

It is here, on the Alpine meadows and pastures of the Enns Valley, that our most important "members of staff" - the cows - feed on nature´s best turning it into the world´s best milk. But this picturesque landscape is not the exclusive preserve of our pampered cattle; people from all walks of life come here to relax and reconnect with nature and themselves.

Landessa is popular far beyond the Austrian borders
Countries where Landessa is sold: Austria, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Slowenia, Croatia, China, Dubai, Spain, Finland, UK, Armenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine ...


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